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Being a retired person, the immediate thought of making arrangements for my daughter's marriage used to give me sleepless nights. That is when, I met representative from plankaro and discussed the possibilities. Even though I was impressed by his offer, it really scared me as I never knew such thing exists in Hyderabad. But, I am glad that I made the right choice in going with them. Thanks plankaro

C V Ramana – Retired Government Employee

If your workplace and house are 30 km apart and if you have to celebrate your, dearest daughter's first birthday on a week day... Hmmm then forget it as leave is the only option you have. This is what even I thought until I met these bunches of super active folks at plankaro. They had amazing answers to all my concerns and questions and made my life super easy. I definitely recommend them for any function and wish them all the best for their business

Phani Mylavarapu – Scientist at DRDO